On behalf of Pastor Dr. Willis and Dr. Lola Lewis and the Rhema Word Christian Outreach Ministry family, we sincerely extend to all of our guests and friends a warm and hearty “God bless you”! You are certainly welcome to all of our services. Therefore, stand fast in the presence of God and receive whatever the Holy Spirit has for you. Your presence will truly grace our fellowship service.


A Place for Worship

The primary reason we meet together is to glorify God, thereby, He satisfies us. We say in our worship that all of us belong to all of Him because truly, “It’s All About Him.” Each service takes on its own personality as the Holy Spirit choreographs our worship. We pray that your life will never be the same after you have an encounter with the true and living God.

A Place of Learning

We say to the man of God as the people told Nehemiah, “Bring The Book,” that is the Bible. We believe that the Bible is given by inspiration of God and has supreme authority in our lives. We believe that the words of the Bible are spirit, life, and God-breathed and that they have relevance to us today. We are prepared listeners who come to hear and obey what the Spirit has to say to the church through the man of God.

A Place of Enrichment

We believe that every member has to do his part in order to feel a part. Our focus is building big people and big people build big churches. We are a church for all people and believe in ministering to the family, as well as singles in every area of their lives. There are many programs that minister to children, youth, and adults, which fill the church calendar. You can be assured that there is always something available that will address your special needs.

A Place of Friendship

Nothing quite compares to the joy of Christian fellowship and friendship. That’s why we make it a priority to connect you with someone that will assist you in building lasting bonds between other members of our church family -bonds of caring and genuine commitment to one another. Best of all, we are a healthy church that has experienced growth and expansion. Come grow with us!

A Place of Service

Just as Jesus Christ came “not to be ministered unto, but to minister…,” we are always looking for opportunities to serve. This applies both within the church family and outside our fellowship in the community. We look forward to serving you and pray that the Holy Spirit will bring you this way again.